CAROL Library User Manual

CAROL is a library allowing to use different RMI implementations. Thanks to CAROL, a Java server application can be independent of RMI implementations and accessible simultaneously by RMI clients using different RMI implementations. CAROL allows to design, implement, compile, package, deploy, and execute distributed applications compliant with the RMI model.

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
About this manual
What is CAROL?
2. CAROL overview
Presentation of the CAROL library
CAROL standard architecture
CAROL architecture
RMI IIOP development rules
JNDI development rules
Non standards CAROL tools and mechanisms
Implicit context propagation with RMI JRMP
Referenceable an Reference binding through a RMI IIOP CosNaming
Name Service Management
Getting started conclusion
3. CAROL Configuration
Presentation of the CAROL library configuration
CAROL configuration
General configuration files
General configuration rules for all RMI and JNDI architectures
RMI JRMP configuration
RMI IIOP configuration
RMI JEREMIE personality configuration
IRMI configuration
MULTI RMI configuration
4. CAROL requirements
Web sites index
5. Links and Reference
Web sites index
A. Licence
Free Documentation Licence
List of Tables
3-1. Carol general properties
3-2. Carol RMI XXX specifics properties
3-3. Carol RMI JRMP specifics properties
3-4. Carol RMI IIOP specifics properties
3-5. Carol RMI JEREMIE specifics properties
List of Figures
2-1. RMI IIOP mechanism
2-2. JNDI mechanism
List of Examples
2-1. RMI basic example
2-2. RMI implicit export
2-3. RMI explicit export
2-4. JNDI basic example
3-1. RMI JRMP file.
3-2. RMI IIOP file.
3-3. JEREMIE jonathan.xml file
3-4. JEREMIE file
3-5. MULTI RMI carol.propertiess file