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Recent News

25 May 2005: CAROL 2.0.5 is available!

CAROL 2.0.5 is the last release of CAROL.
This version is used by JOnAS 4.4 which is a J2EETM compliant application server. There was a lot of code refactoring in this version and a lot of cleanup.
Monolog which was used for logging has been replaced by Jakarta commons logging.
There is a new Wrapper for JacORB which is used for RMI-IIOP protocol which support CSIv2.
Also, commons-cli is not used anymore.
Many new tests have been developed to avoid new errors. Please see here for detailed information on this release.

Carol requires Commons-logging library at runtime. JMX is an optional library and JMX is also present in JDK 5.0

CAROL: Common Architecture for RMI ObjectWeb Layer

CAROL logo Last release: CAROL 2.0.5

CAROL is a library allowing to use different RMI implementations. Thanks to CAROL, a Java server application can be independent of RMI implementations and accessible simultaneously by RMI clients using different RMI implementations. CAROL allows to design, implement, compile, package, deploy, and execute distributed applications compliant with the RMI model.

CAROL is used by JOnAS application server for the protocol layer.

Currently, CAROL 2.0.5 includes:

  • The general mechanism for RMI (Architecture/Provider) independence, which can be deactivated
  • The general mechanism for RMI Name Service (Architecture/Provider) independence, which can be deactivated
  • A properties file (carol.properties) configuration mechanism
  • An object constructor configuration mechanism
  • A "Portable Interceptor" like mechanism for Sun RMI JRMP and ObjectWeb jeremie
  • A RMI JRMP context propagation performance optimization for local JVM calls
  • A serializable wrapper for CosNaming resource binding
  • ObjectWeb IRMI CAROL SPI
  • Sun RMI JRMP 1.1 and 1.2 CAROL SPI
  • Set of basic tests with one or two RMI Architecture (RMI IIOP, JRMP 1.1 and JRMP 1.2). There are a lot of new tests since 1.x branch.
  • RMI JRMP/RMI Jeremie/JacORB port configuration for fixing firewall issues
  • Complete user documentation
  • A log mechanism based on commonly used Jakarta Commons Logging library
  • Basic developer and SPI documentation
  • Tools for Name Services management (like Registry or CosNaming)
  • A simple JNDI ENC for 'java:comp' Context management.
  • A RMI like Clustering Method Invocation mechanism
  • Configuration could be done by using an alternative URL instead of finding carol.properties file in ClassLoader.
  • Some JSR 77 MBeans are created when embedded in an application server like JOnAS.

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